Do leftists actually care?



Pissed Off Patriot

Do leftists care about anyone? I am talking about the hardline leftists who run much of the media, the Democratic Party, Hollywood and academia. The fake conservatives that are running the show in Congress should probably also be included but that is for another day. Hardline leftists virtue signal all day long to show the world how great they are, but their actions tell a different story.

Leftists claim to care so much about blacks in America, but does the community really thrive under leftist control? The out of control murder rates of blacks in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and others certainly don’t suggest that. Both cities are totally controlled by Democrats who don’t seem to have a clue on how to stop the slaughter. Nationally, the media glosses over the horrifying black-on-black murder rate while suggesting that the police are hunting down young black males. In 2015, police killed 38 unarmed black people but almost 6,000 black people were killed by other black people. Both are tragic and serious issues, but can leftists really claim they care so much about the black community when they totally ignore the slaughter within it?

Another supposedly sacred group to leftists is the transgender community. As enforced by leftists, nobody is allowed to ask any questions when a man wants to become a woman or a woman wants to become a man. Then, everyone is supposed to smile, nod and use whatever pronouns the individual prefers. People who listen to the medical community know these people have gender dysphoria, which is a disorder where people feel their gender does not align with their biological sex. The only known treatment for this awful condition is to get some kind of reconstructive surgery and then go on life-altering hormone treatments. According to recent studies, the transgender attempted suicide rate is about 40percent. Leftists typically suggest this is due to rampant transphobia, which is a possibility, but I doubt leftists would use the same explanation if discussing the suicide of white males who accounted for 70 percent of all suicides in 2015. Regardless, groups who genuinely care about this community probably wouldn’t make everything sound so peachy every time someone comes out as transgender. High rates of suicide indicate that more care should be placed on the individuals’ mental health, instead of encouraging invasive and irreversible procedures. People should not play politics with the lives of others.

This reporter has doubts about whether leftists still care about the LGBT Community. They did, but it is hard to say that when they now advocate for mass immigration from cultures that throw gays in prison, or even worse, off of buildings. Leftists decided Muslims were more important victims than LGBT people after the Pulse Nightclub shooting. The media were more concerned about covering for Islam than condemning the anti-gay sentiments behind the attack. This comes from the leftist belief that Western culture is inherently oppressive and other cultures allow liberation, even when that is clearly not the case.

The preceding examples are just a few of leftists neglecting communities that they supposedly care so much about. I obviously left out examples such as women being unhappier under third-wave feminism, the poor having fewer opportunities under socialist policies, or immigrants struggling in American life after leftists discouraged assimilation. Maybe I am just cynical and leftists actually care, but their incompetent leadership is unable to help anyone; the jury is out.