Navigating the landscape surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation these days is like walking across a tightrope without a net underneath. Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault accusation against Kavanaugh has obviously changed everything, and the judge’s Supreme Court candidacy is now shrouded in doubt. 

Unless things change, Kavanaugh and Ford will have testified by the time you are reading this. I’m writing this on Tuesday September 18th at 3:49 pm, so much of my commentary will sound like ancient history to you, future reader. 

There are a million possible directions this process could go. So, the only scenarios worth talking about are the two possible ends: he’s either in or he’s out. 

If he’s in:

Nobody is able to corroborate Ford’s story and no new evidence is revealed. The issue turns into a “he said-she said” scenario, and all parties involved are forced to make a judgement call. 

The Senate decides to trust a man who, as Senator Orrin Hatch pointed out, has complied with 6 background checks in 25 years, testified for 30 hours publicly, participated in a closed hearing with Judiciary Committee members, and answered more written questions than every previous Supreme Court nominee combined. 

Dianne Feinstein’s credibility, if there’s any left, takes a permanent hit. 

Christine Blasey Ford is dissected by Fox News. Hannity calls her a con artist, Tucker labels her a fraud.

The left explodes in anger, claiming that Kavanaugh’s seat, and possibly the entire court, is tainted forever. The Democrats ramp up plans to pack the court during their next presidency, with Michael Avenatti leading the way.

To many people, Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation is forever tarnished. A sizeable chunk of the #MeToo crowd believes that one voice is all that is necessary to demolish someone’s career. He’ll face personal and political smears for the rest of his life.

Heated Democrats come out to vote in droves, and the famed Blue Wave™ actually comes. The Republicans lose control of the House. 

If he’s out:

Ford’s story is backed up by one or more credible witnesses, and Kavanaugh is rightfully rejected by the Senate. Even though his denial was justified, the right-wing media machine cranks up, and Republican turnout for the midterms exceeds expectations. Republicans retain their iron grip on Congress.

Christine Blasey Ford, whether she likes it or not, becomes the face of the #MeToo movement, and the precedent is set for the validity of past allegations.

Despite a slew of lefty think-pieces published declaring that the seat belongs to Merrick Garland, Amy Coney Barrett is nominated to fill the vacant Supreme Court position. We start the whole process over from the top. The pro-choice crowd decry Barrett as a de facto murderer and religious nut. However, despite more antics by the clown-show law firm of Booker, Harris, and Feinstein, Barrett is confirmed.

Left explodes, court-packing talk ramps up, yadda yadda yadda.

The prediction:

On Monday September 18th, Kavanaugh and Ford both testified under oath to the Judiciary Committee. Ford’s hearing will be in a closed session, but Kavanaugh will answer questions in front of the whole world. 

During his testimony, Kavanaugh will be painted as the anti-Christ by the left. The right will acknowledge the seriousness of the allegation, as they should, but they will also end up backing Kavanaugh, as they should.