The Electoral College Is Here To Stay



David Blondin

Americans have an inalienable rightto protest. If they cannot protest, then they are living under the tyranny of the state. At the same time, they need to draw distinctions between protests and temper tantrums. You protest when your rights are being taken away or major injustices are being committed by the state. And yes, the police violence against African Americans is a cause that fits under that umbrella. However, when your candidate’s loss is not an appropriate time to protest. In this generation of participation trophy winners, a real loss may be a little shocking and tough to understand. You never saw people shutting down highways when President Obama was elected, did you? That is because people had common decency– something that politically active millennials lack.

Liberals tend to pride themselves on preventing the tyranny of the majority. This idea is a pillar in their fight for marriage equality, criminal justice reform, abortion access, and many other social issues, but this discourse appears to be reserved for the benefit of liberal issues. When they lose at their own game, all hell breaks loose. Many people are calling for the abolition of the Electoral College, advocating for theestablishment of a mob vote for President. Half of our nation’s population lives in two dozen counties in the United States, so abolishing the Electoral College would make campaigning in the majority of the nation irrelevant.

Clinton supporters knew the rules before the game started and are now trying to take pieces off of the board. We have the Electoral College to provide for state equity. We are the United STATES of America. Not the United New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dade County, Bay Area, Boston and Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan areas. The Electoral College additionally ensures that voter fraud in any single state will not tip the scales, whichever party may benefit from it. Those few who are pleading for the members of the Electoral College to change their votes are undermining our republic and promoting mob rule.

To those who say they are changing the system to protect the marginalized, realize that many marginalized people and their allies voted for Trump. The very idea that a person should vote a certain way because of their demographic makes is as ignorant and racist as the worst of the alt-right. Remember all last year when we fought Islamophobia by regurgitating statistics about the percentage of Muslims who are terrorists (very small percentage, by the way)? This is a similar situation, let us not judge the entire population of Trump supporters by the actions of a few fringe supporters. The sun will rise tomorrow. Take the loss and lose with dignity.