Millennials lack proper conduct in situations of grief

The overall political climate in America is an ever-changing scale, one of which seems to determine odd, sometimes inappropriate political backlash. Considering the recent Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, where there has been 17 reported deaths, Trump’s address to the people stood as one of his more respectable ones, but received mixed emotions from the nation. 

On Feb. 14 Nikolars Cruz of Parkland, FL entered his school and killed 17 people with a semiautomatic rifle, leaving the town, state, and the nation at disarray. As per usual, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his condolences to those affected by the catastrophe. These mixed emotions have since taken debate completely off track, and serve as proof that our nation no longer understands proper social conduct, further standing as a representation to how current debates occur between everyday civilians.

Trump said, “My prayers and condolences to the families of the victim of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone should ever feel unsafe in an American school.”

166 characters. 38.6 thousand retweets. 165 thousand likes. 72.7 thousand responses.

A large percentage of personal responses to the president’s account scouted the common, selfish, and personal slogan of “I don’t need your condolences,” and each kept the precise childish tone of a five year old demanding he or she can accomplish a task on his or her own.

Why must a sensitive conversation, that concerns the nation, immediately turn into a divisive party versus party argument- and one that is completely unrelated to gun control.

Difficulty arose in the response section when a user by the handle @GlobalMelodyTN said, “Your prayers and condolences are not worth a damn to those who lost loved ones. Stop blathering and do something useful. You have done nothing useful yet.”

But who are they to determine the mindset of someone who has just lost their child, nephew, sibling, or grandchild to another horrific incident of mental health awareness, FBI neglection to investigate and weapon law discrepancy? Furthermore, Trump’s accomplishments are on an opinion basis.

Arguing against his or her opinion of accomplishment is irrelevant when the real issue of debate is that as a society, we seem to have fallen numb to the acceptable ways of conduct when handling issues such as this.

Read further down, and the thread of responses change into a debate of whether or not former President Barack Obama accomplished more during his time of office than Trump.

Alarmingly, the section turned into a trolling session when a user by the handle @CPS_PorterJ tweeted a meme with the bolded remarks, “I am no gynecologist, but I know a cunt when I see one.”

As you can estimate, the free realm of internet free speech then turned into a volatile climate of sexist arguments.

Observing the actions towards mental health awareness Trump is now mentioning, it is clear he is attempting to approach this in the most sensitive manner. All other actions aside, the ignorance of social media seems to be growing at alarming rates, and it is saddening that millennials nowadays lack the common respect of how to conduct themselves when addressing issues such as this.