Are the Democrats Trying to Lose?

David Blondin

It has been a full year since President Donald Trump has taken office and he still is not tired of winning. Trump’s State of the Union address only showcased that not only is he still winning, but the Democrats are consciously making the choice to keep losing. The DNC, with their lack of emotion shown during the speech, told the American public that they are not the party to move America forward. Instead, they are the party that is anti-trump. With all the talking points of spending more money on infrastructure, lowering black unemployment, raising the standard of living for American families you would honestly think the president was a Democrat. Trump’s honest stance about immigration, and very liberal and practical policies towards it, are probably why he will win a second term.

Trump’s speech outlined an immigration policy far more forgiving than anything Barack Obama ever did, or Hillary Clinton ever proposed. Trump’s plan would provide a pathway for citizenship for an estimate of 1.8 million residents who are DACA recipients or Dreamers who are not currently protected by U.S. immigration law. It is important to realize that a Dreamer and a DACA recipient is not the same person. Although all deferred action residents (DACA recipient) are Dreamers, not all Dreamers are DACA recipients. Trump’s idea outlined in the State of the Union not only would expand protection to those already protected by the federal government, it would give a direct path to citizenship to people who are not protected. The only criticisms of Trump’s treatment of immigration policy for DACA recipients and Dreamers can be the following:

 1) You think that it was pragmatically a poor choice to rescind DACA thinking the GOP would never pass it into law. 

Trump rescinded DACA because it was not done constitutionally; this is anything but authoritarian despite what media sources like CNN may try to peddle to the public. 

2) You have immigration opinions like Tom Cotton, the lawmaker from Arkansas, or Anne Coulter, who has kind of gone off the deep end. 

Therefore, Joe Kennedy III’s response to the State of the Union was just confusing. Granted, it was cute he spoke in Spanish acting like the DNC is the sole protector of Hispanic voices, it just didn’t make sense. The president is literally forgiving more illegal aliens than Obama ever did, but apparently it isn’t “progressive”. Kennedy’s response almost perpetuates the emotionally driven, hothead, Latin stereotype. Believe it or not, immigration reform isn’t a race issue. There are plenty of Hispanics who vote GOP and voted for Trump. The highest polling issue with Hispanic voter’s year after year is health-care anyways, so Kennedy’s address really didn’t make to much sense. 

The claims suggested by many Democrats, including senator Corey Booker from New Jersey, that Trump was using fear mongering to get across his immigration proposal is just silly. Trump brought up a legitimate point. There is a presence of crime that accompanies illegal immigration. Who would have thought that breaking one law would have encouraged breaking another? Every country has the right to know who is within its borders to provide security for those who reside lawfully. This is far from a racist rhetoric, if anything it sounds like the welfare state that Democrats year for. Trump brought up a case where two teenagers were hacked to death by machetes by the notorious MS-13 gang. If illegal alien crime wasn’t an issue Suffolk county, the county where the teens where murdered, wouldn’t have received half a million dollars in federal funds to fight those criminals. 

Trump brought up a tough subject. Not all those who wish to enter our great country want to live the American dream. There is a big difference between someone coming here and choosing to live by our rules, and work hard, then someone coming here hooking our residents on drugs and killing the innocent. Ignoring either situation is asinine. Trump’s holistic approach on securing our borders and making the country the best it can be is why he wins. The Democrats having a hissy fit even when Trump is appeasing to their voter base just showcases how bitter their party is and how being out of touch with reality will lead to their downfall.