Pissed off Patriot: President Trump’s S*** Language

Pissed Off Patriot

No one actually knows what was actually said at the infamous s***hole meeting but if Trump did call Africa or Haiti a s***hole, is he actually wrong? When people want to travel to the Caribbean they don’t go to Haiti, unless it is a mission trip of course.  I have never heard of an American have a real hankering to move to Africa.  The pathetic leftist media cartel obviously screams “RACIST!!!” and says Trump is Hitler.  These alleged comments may have been inarticulate but Trump’s overall point was spot on. 

These alleged comments were during a heated debate on immigration with lawmakers.  This debate features Democrats who want to give citizenship to every illegal under the sky because  it is simply to hard to convince actual Americans to vote for them.  The debate also features fake Republicans like Senators Graham and Flake who want unlimited amounts of cheap labor for their puppet master donors.  These two groups are facing off against Trump and any Republicans who realize that the only reason they own the House, Senate and White House is because of Trump’s hardline immigration stance in the election. 

Trump has said harsh things like this on immigration since he wants immigration to be based on merit rather than artificial reasons like country of origin or distant familial relation. He made a point to distinguish between countries like Norway and s***hole countries like Haiti not because he is racist, but since people from Norway are far more likely to assimilate into a country like America. This can be seen simply by how many people from each country speak English. More than 80 percent of Norwegians speak English whereas very few Haitians speak anything except Haitian Creole.  Likeliness of assimilation should not be the only reason to accept an immigrant, but it certainly should be considered rather than just whether or not you have a second cousin that you met once in the United States.

This debate gets to the heart of 2 core issues in the culture war between the marxist progressives and traditional Americans.  The first issue is this insane premise from the left that all countries and cultures are created equal.  There are a lot of crappy countries in the world that are way worse than the best countries like the United States. If all countries were equally good, there would be no reason to immigrate since the grass is no greener anywhere else. The quality of these countries root from the cultures that they have embraced which is why countries that are have been around for thousands of years still are no where near as amazing as America which is the best country on earth. 

The second issue from the culture war is another insane leftist premise that America owes something to everyone who is not a successful straight white male.  Affirmative action and diversity measures can be justified for African Americans since there was a horrendous history of systemic discrimination and enslavement against them in this country. The left now wants us to believe that Hispanics and other marginalized people from any s***hole village in the world experienced similar treatment from the US and deserve the same affirmative action and diversity measures. This is ridiculously wrong and this thinking hurts African Americans the most. 

America owes nothing to these people and it cannot just let in every single person we have sympathy for. America needs a merit based immigration policy so that it can bring in immigrants that make America even better rather than just any person CNN can find that looks marginalized.