I Support Donald Trump



Everyone, I’m sorry, but I have a confession to make, and for some this may be a difficult pill to swallow: I support Donald Trump.

Historically, I have been against Trump. I came out against Trump on day one of his campaign, calling him in a title to an article I was writing, “A Danger to Our Unity.” I used to think that Trump was a force to divide the Republican Party and the American people. I thought no one of sound mind could support Donald Trump. I’m sure that many Republicans, and many Americans generally thought the same way. I was wrong. Donald Trump has opened my eyes to what America needs.

I was originally a Jeb Bush supporter, but Trump showed me what a mistake that was. Jeb Bush went through the campaign with the highest funded super pacs, and yet he garnered no support from the American people and was an ineffectual. It was made clear that Bush was out of touch and simply a pawn of the establishment, with no real appeal or new ideas to offer. Could a man who couldn’t even run a successful election campaign really be the leader of the most powerful country in the world?

While I may be skeptical of building a wall on our southern border with Mexico who am I to judge whether this would be a successful measure in making America great again? Many Americans seem to believe that illegal immigration harms economic vitality, and this seems to be a perception that isn’t going away. In fact, while I may disagree with almost all of Trump’s policies, it seems that many Americans are supportive of his ideas. Recently, a survey noted that almost fifty percent of Republicans may support Donald Trump at this point. If I am truly a conservative and if I believe in democracy, shouldn’t I support Donald Trump?

Trump’s rhetoric is bombastic. However, it seems like this bombast is exactly what this country needs to inspire greatness. Many Trump supporters are not typical politically active types. He is clearly inspiring many Americans who would otherwise not be attracted to playing a role in being part of the political debate. Perhaps this new surge of interest by Americans who are politically inactive may help move the country forward. It is true that many Americans have given up on looking for work, a fact which is not represented in the unemployment rate. Perhaps many of these Americans who have given up will be inspired to start looking for work again under Trump.

America is declining and the establishment has sat, watched, and done nothing about this decline. America needs something new. America needs Donald Trump.
Happy April Fools Day!