Jeffrey Epstein who?

Courtesy of Getty Images/iStockphoto

Jeffrey Epstein has been flooding all kinds of news platforms lately, but who was he? Born in New York City in 1953, two blue-collar Jewish parents raised Epstein in Brooklyn. He was known for his role in the business world where he quickly rose up the ranks to be able to work in trading and and advised some of Bear Stearns’ wealthiest clients.

He was supposedly asked to leave the company in 1981, but he stuck around until the deadly stock market crash of 2008, where Bear Stearns eventually died. The same year he left Bear Stearns, he successfully started his own consulting firm called Intercontinental Assets Group Inc.

It was an interesting company, as he told others that he worked with high net-worth individuals to help recover lost funds. One of his most famous completed jobs was helping Ana Obregón recover millions of dollars from her father’s lost investments.

But why has he been in the news so much recently? Well, Mr. Epstein recently ‘committed suicide in jail,’ though that’s not exactly agreed upon. After being placed in jail, Epstein was supposed to be put into a cell where he would have a roommate and guards would come to check on him every half hour. That’s not exactly what happened the night of his death.

In reality, on August 9th, his cellmate was taken out and Epstein was left in his cell alone. The guards who were supposed to be checking in on him happened to fall asleep for about three hours. To make things even more suspicious, when detectives went to look at security footage, both cameras that were supposed to be monitoring Epstein had malfunctioned and there was no footage available.

Epstein was found in his cell the morning of August 10th, where he had severe damage to his neck and was rushed to the hospital in hopes of saving his live, which failed and led to an autopsy. The autopsy revealed something interesting as well, as Epstein had taken so much damage to his neck that bones had actually broken. This is not normal in most suicidal hangings. Rather, it is common to see broken bones from homicidal strangulation.

Epstein’s death isn’t all that seems off about him, as ABC new anchor Amy Robach was recently caught on tape explaining how she had been collecting data and evidence toward a suspicion of Epstein. The suspicion comes with what started back in 2005-2006, when he had his initial court case from a claim that he was paying underage girls to come to his house and strip and massage him. He was later found to be getting massages multiple times a day.

Here’s an eye opener – for his birthday he was able to fly in 12-year-old triplets from France to come to his house and ‘spend the day with him’ until he flew them back later that day. But why has this not blown up?

Mr. Epstein was very high up in multiple companies and helped multiple C-level positions in his life, which means that he had very strong and high net-worth connections around the globe. Someone with this many resources is able to get away with a lot more than the average person, as blackmail was most likely being used in his case in order to cover his own back.

Apparently, Epstein has ties with former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, L Brands CEO Les Wexner, and Former Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, to name a few. Epstein was awaiting a trial that was supposed to take place no sooner than June 2020, which is currently leaving people clueless as to whether suicide was his actual cause of death, or if Epstein had so many ties that after being caught he needed to be silenced before he could open his mouth to the public.