The Minnesota Republic

Become an Election Judge in Minnesota

Jacob Gregor, Editor April 6, 2022

With recent conspiracies about election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, the time has never been more relevant to consider being an election judge (a.k.a. "poll worker") in the next election. If...

Red Notice takes Netflix by Storm

Red Notice takes Netflix by Storm

Charlie Eggers, Contributor December 1, 2021

On November 5th, 2021, Netflix Subscribers were pleased to receive a Netflix original movie called Red Notice. The action and comedy films starred big Hollywood names such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,...

cropped image of prison officer wearing handcuffs on prisoner

Jeffrey Epstein who?

Max Fagan, Contributor November 6, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein has been flooding all kinds of news platforms lately, but who was he? Born in New York City in 1953, two blue-collar Jewish parents raised Epstein in Brooklyn. He was known for his...

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