Smackin’ Snacks


Adam Albright

For decades, sunflower seeds have provided us with a heart-healthy, superfood snack that’s great to munch on. Over the years, we have been introduced to new flavors of sunflower seeds ranging from ranch, to barbeque, to dill pickle, and others as more and more organizations have entered the sunflower seed market. Whether it be in the dugout, in the stands, at home hanging out on the couch, or other locations, sunflower seeds have been a part of our lives ever since we can remember. However, our choices have seemed to be limited regarding brands such as Bigs and Giants. Although those companies have provided us with great seeds for years and years, containing a variety of flavors, consumers are looking to branch out as their preferences are starting to swing towards “craft” goods.

Fortunately, that time is up for us Minnesotans–and hopefully for people around the country in the future. Our very own University of Minnesota alumni have started a company called “Smackin’ Snacks,” and let me tell you, they are no joke. In a short amount of time, they have gained followers in the baseball community, and I just don’t mean the local youth programs they have already built strong relationships such as the Edina baseball program as well as the Duluth baseball program. Here are a few quotes from some of the well-known baseball players that have already hopped on board the bandwagon of Smackin’ Snacks. 

Payton Henry, MLB catcher said, “New favorite seeds,” with flame emojis following it. MLB veteran Wes Helms said, “Baseball players know their seeds. These are the best! Try them, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.” Renato Nuñez, former Detroit Tigers third baseman said, “They’re really good, I love it!” Not long, and many other baseball players ranging from the youth ages to veterans will start consuming and appreciating these craft seeds. 

What makes a seed a “craft” seed? Well, let’s hear what the makers at Smackin’ Snacks have to say: “Enough with the plain flavors and poor-quality seeds. Craft is for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Handcrafted creations made from wholesome ingredients and specialty seasonings; our craft sunflower seeds deliver the full flavor that you savor. We at Smackin’ Snacks grind day in and day out to guarantee that our quality is king and that our taste smacks. This is the era of craft.”

Hooked? So am I. 

With quality and clout being established and recognized by many, as previously stated, look at some of the other benefits of Smackin’ Snacks’ seeds:

  • Healthwise, these are great for people of all ages.
  • They are a superfood, they are good for your heart.
  • They help your skin.
  • They are high in protein.

Most people know that food containing that many benefits may be a little sketchy when it comes to taste. You won’t find a problem in that category when consuming Smackin’ Snacks. At this moment, they have three hit flavors: Siracha Honey, Backyard BBQ, and Garlic Parmesan. Whether you’re looking for zesty or savory, these are the seeds for you. 

Where can you purchase these envelope-pushing seeds? Right now, their distribution relies mainly on e-commerce. However, they will be in retail stores around you very shortly. We, as the University of Minnesota students, are lucky enough to have quick and easy access as they are in most of the C stores near campus. So, as spring approaches, give these seeds a whirl.

So, with all of that being said, I have one piece of advice for you. Sit back, eat, sleep, and spit these Smackin’ Snacks.