Halloween Kills

“Evil Dies Tonight”


Austin Lentz, Contributor

As the month of October comes to an end, like clockwork, a plethora of Halloween themed and inspired films make their way onto the big screen and our homes. 

No other franchise series is as synonymous with the spooky holiday of Halloween as the film series similarly titled, “Halloween.” The horror slasher series is back in full bloody glory, with the recent release of the second movie in the trilogy, “Halloween Kills.” The film was released in theaters and on the NBC streaming service Peacock on October 15, 2021. 

The film picks up directly where “Halloween” (2018) left off. Laurie Strode had previously captured Michael Myers in her home and set it ablaze trying to bring an end to the murders. As her family departs from the burning home firetrucks and firefighters respond, attempting to put out the fire. Michael makes quick work of the first responders, escapes and continues reigning his terror on the city of Haddonfield. “Halloween Kills” has all the gore that is associated with the other films in the series, but “Halloween Kills” takes a step back and follows a new cast of characters that are evidently slain by the boogeyman. Laurie Strode spends most of her time in the local hospital as groups of townies create militia groups attempting to hunt down Michael Myers. 

“Halloween Kills” is a film that feels like a “Halloween” movie but doesn’t add anything new to the story or world of “Halloween.” The film tries to capitalize on the franchise name of “Halloween” for a quick cash grab, missing the mark on many concepts that could have been rather interesting and different. The idea and concept that the town would band together is interesting in theory but is not executed very well. Another large glaring issue that I had with the film is how Michael Myers seems to have learned how to fight and kill large groups of people who are attacking simultaneously, seemingly overnight. The gang fighting style and mentality involved with the militia should be enough to combat Michael Myers as they have him in dire straits, but the militia is counteracted by Michael’s ability to handle multiple attacks at once.

I am aware that Michael is supposed to be more than a regular man, the bogeyman, but this does not work for me. I am not alone in having this issue, University of Minnesota student Wyatt Sherry had this to say, “I thought the movie was frightening overall, but the fact that Michael Myers is able to withstand multiple deadly blows, survive, and escape is not realistic in my opinion. I am glad that the mom died, she was not my favorite character. The way the mom died was very fitting to end the film on and ties very well into the start of the film. I would recommend people to watch ‘Halloween Kills’ if they have watched the first film (‘Halloween’ 2018).”

“Halloween” (2018) rebooted the entire franchise, scrapping all of the films that followed the original 1978 film, becoming its subsequent successor. The film brought new wrinkles to the film and excitement around the franchise for future installments. The decisions made in “Halloween” (2018) made me and many others very excited to watch “Halloween Kills,” but this movie left me wishing that it had been left in the writer’s room. The goal of this movie is to not push the story forward, as it is confirmed there will be a final movie of the trilogy/tetralogy rumored to be titled “Halloween Dies.” 

I personally recommend watching this film, if you are a “Halloween” franchise fan. However, I cannot recommend taking the time to drive to a theater to watch this movie. If you have Peacock, which is $5 dollars a month, you can watch “Halloween Kills” from the comfort of your home for cheaper than buying tickets at your local theater. Turning off your brain and watching Michael Myers kill loads of people is entertaining, but the characters are not compelling enough to make you want to stick around. Overall if you have the time to watch “Halloween Kills,” don’t. Rewatch “Halloween” (2018), or the classic original 1978 “Halloween” film, they are much better and more entertaining.