Chris Webby Returns to Minneapolis for Another Halloween Bash

November 12, 2021


Photo By Frank Chapman

On October 31, 2021, Chris Webby returned to Minneapolis upholding his longstanding tradition of performing in the Twin Cities on Halloween night. This time Webby and friends selected the Cabooze, a small bar and live music venue just off of the blue-line, located in the 900 block of Cedar Avenue.

The venue reminded me of Webby himself, at this point a grizzled hip hop veteran in his mid-30’s who spent most of his adult life smoking Marlboros. I have been to the Cabooze once before to see Members Only and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you have a favorite artist try to see them at the Cabooze, with a unique layout and modest capacity you can get insanely close to the action on stage.

The night kicked off with a variety of openers who were not listed on the official ticket. Throughout all of the performances however one thing was for certain, all of the artists knew and respected Webby. An independent music Mogul, never signed to a major label contract, Chris Webby and all of the artists on stage that night built their following from the ground up.

The first main act to grace the stage was Ekoh. Although I had never heard Ekoh’s music prior to that evening I do like it, and I think he is definitely a unique talent. For those unacquainted with Ekoh, his style most closely resembled that of Logic or Eminem in his earlier days. Ekoh has some songs with banger hooks, but his main appeal is his rapid fire delivery of hard hitting punchlines all without seemingly taking a breath of air. Although I did not go to the Cabooze to see Ekoh perform, I enjoyed his set greatly and highly recommend giving his songs “Freeverse 3” or “Martian” a listen.

As Ekoh departed from the stage and the next act was announced a large cloud of smoke hung in the air above the audience. As the needle dropped on the first track of Dizzy Wright’s set, the Vegas veteran MC stepped onto stage blowing clouds of smoke in his wake. Playing popular cuts from his first project Smoke Out Conversations as well as tracks from his most recent release Slidin And Glidin, Dizzy’s discography is extensive and his performance reflected that.

For those unfamiliar with Dizzy he couples an insane flow with good vibes, philosophical advice, and a love of cannabis. A great introduction to his style and message would be the track “World Peace” from his project The Golden Age.

“Lately I’ve been feeling a certain way, peace signs in every picture that I take I represent world peace,” sung the crowd and Dizzy in unison. “Smoking weed until the feeling goes away, spreading love until I’m in and out my day I represent world peace.”



Lately I’ve been feeling a certain way, peace signs in every picture that I take I represent world peace

— Dizzy Wright

During both Ekoh’s set and Dizzy Wright’s, the DJs on stage were dressed as the red game masters from the popular Netflix show, Squid Game. I include this detail because directly after the conclusion of Dizzy’s set the lighting of the venue changed and the music cut off. Then an individual in a green jumpsuit emblazoned with the numbers “203” was led onto stage by the guards, handcuffed and blindfolded by a burlap sack. As the needle dropped on the first track of Chris Webby’s performance the cuffs and sack were removed and a bottle of Jameson placed in his hand.

The beginning of Webby’s set was absolutely insane. In similar fashion to Dizzy Wright, Webby boasts an extensive discography and his set reflected that. Kicking it off with classics from his Wednesday series of projects, Webby had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.

Courtesy of @ekohmusic on Instagram

“Oil in my pen burn it down low key, Y’all know me I hit hard like Apollo Creed, You ain’t never had a friend like me,” screamed the crowd in unison accompanying the track “Friend Like Me.” Throughout the rest of the evening Webby took the opportunity to interact with the crowd and take photos as well as cut off the music and communicate periodically with the crowd. This level of interaction coupled with the already tight knit fanbase that Webby has developed served to make the show feel more like a long awaited family reunion than a concert.



Oil in my pen burn it down low key, Y’all know me I hit hard like Apollo Creed, You ain’t never had a friend like me

— Chris Webby

I have listened to Chris Webby since middle school, and so did many of the other fans there, evidenced by their knowledge of Webby classics from his mixtape years that are not available on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. The show was fantastic and the crowd was full of nothing but nice people.

Webby has performed in Minneapolis on Halloween for years now; it is a well established tradition that he verbally promised us all to uphold until his dying day. If you are a fan of bar heavy lyrical hip hop with a dash of social commentary you should be at Webby and friends next show on Halloween. With true skill, an affinity for the cities, and all the pageantry that all hallows’ eve requires, Chris Webby offered fans an impeccable experience. I know where I will be next Halloween, and the next after that.

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