“An Evening with Silk Sonic” Review

Austin Lentz, Contributor

“An Evening with Silk Sonic” is the most recent studio album released by American R&B duo Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. The album has already been praised by critics after being nominated four times at the 64th Grammy Awards for the song “Leave The Door Open.” 

We have heard bits and pieces of this album being teased all the way back in March of 2021. The instant hit “Leave The Door Open ” left the entire music world clambering for more from the new group by the name of Silk Sonic. The album is only made up of nine songs which can leave some fans wanting and wishing for more. The 31-minute funk and soul extravaganza that “An Evening with Silk Sonic” is tightly compact with an entire journey and story incorporated into the album. With three of the nine songs on the album being released as singles prior to the official release of the album in its entirety, hearing ⅓ of the album prior to the release is a bit disappointing when the first song on the album is an intro that lasts roughly one minute. 

Regardless of the length of the album, the funky R&B/Soul vibe that the album gives off is unbelievable and groovy as all heck. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. work very well together and make it feel as though they have been best friends forever. The charisma that these two give off is severely understated. The group name being “Silk Sonic” is incredibly fitting upon listening to this album. When I listen to this album and close my eyes I immediately picture smooth caramel-like a Werther’s Original Caramels commercial. The blending of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak.’s voices is something of legend, it is amazingly beautiful. 

After repeated listens of this album the only song that I am not entirely attached to is “777” which is about going to the casino and winning money. It doesn’t feel very inspired in comparison to some of the other songs on the album. Yes, it is a fun song with Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. gloating about money and how they are going to buy Las Vegas, but it doesn’t do much of anything for me. 

My personal favorite song on the album is “Skate” which fits in with the vibe so robustly. The entire roller skating song and theme and feeling around the song is exactly what and want out of a group called “Silk Sonic.” Bruno Mars’ voice is amazing as usual singing “skate to me, my baby” in the smoothest singing voice of all time. The opening with Anderson .Paak. singing “In a room full of dimes you would be a hundred dollars” makes me sing each and every time the song comes on. 

Another song that I thoroughly enjoy on the album is “After Last Night (with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins).” The changing of chords in the background and the number of little one-liners said by Thundercat and Bootsy Collins, really brings the entire song together in total. 

Overall I can say that I love this album. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. have created lightning in a bottle with “An Evening with Silk Sonic.” The entire album is great even though it is rather shorter than I would have liked personally. They now have people hooked waiting to hear what this group will put together and produce next. I am sure that this is not the end of “Silk Sonic.” Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. have much more in them than roughly eight songs, I wouldn’t expect another album for a while, but I would look for a few more singles at some point in the future. Give this album a listen if you have not yet, I highly recommend giving it a chance and listening to it the entire way through. It’s only 31 minutes, I’m sure you can give that up. 

The 80s vibes being brought from “Silk Sonic” and “An Evening with Silk Sonic” have never been done before in 2021. If the songs on this album had been released in the 80s Bruno and Anderson would have been legends. They are incredibly talented singers and songwriters, and I cannot wait to see what happens next. 

I give “An Evening with Silk Sonic” a 9.5/10.