Winter Life Hacks From a Minnesotan


Austin Lentz, Contributor

As Christmas cheer sweeps across the nation we call the United States, so also comes the cold weather. 

As a born and bred Minnesotan who has also spent a winter in North Dakota, I would like to think I am an expert on what you should and shouldn’t wear in the winter. From my 20 years of experience, I will be giving you the definitive guide to a true Minnesotan’s winter life hacks. 

  1. Shorts

Shorts are an essential part of any winter outfit. Going outside you may feel a bit chilly, but as soon as you step indoors, you will reap the rewards. Every time I go over to my grandparent’s house to celebrate Christmas I am always attacked by a heat draft that is much too warm for pants. Sitting there sweating and being uncomfortable is definitely worth the chill from the outdoors. Now you may be thinking, why would you wear shorts in the winter? I am urging you to try it. There is a rather odd stereotype about people who wear shorts in the winter, that they are “hardos” but I think otherwise. You’re not wearing shorts to prove something, you simply want to be comfortable wherever you may be indoors, which is not a hardo move. The biggest hardo move you could make would be forcing yourself to be uncomfortable indoors, in order to “fit in.” If someone asks you why you are wearing shorts, explain to them your reasoning, and they will be on the trend in no time. 

  1. Fingerless Gloves

Have you ever wanted to use your phone in the winter but can’t because you have gloves on? I’m sure you have, there’s no denying it! This is a common everyday occurrence for many people that live in cold weather areas. The solution to this everyday issue is to use fingerless gloves. If you have gloves laying around with fingertips, clip ’em off with a pair of scissors and enjoy your phone outside like never before. Gloves with the fingertips that can work with phones are a sham and not nearly as accurate as you wish they were. In the past, before I discovered this hack (of fingerless gloves) I had been a victim of sending off embarrassing messages to important people. For those who are working constantly, it’s not viable to take off your gloves or leave it up to chance that your smartphone gloves will send the right message. Make the switch and change your life forever.

  1. Drink lots of ice beverages

I learned this hack long ago but will share it here with you. Humans are very adaptable creatures, so if you lower your body temperature, then you will be able to withstand the cold temperatures even better. It’s pretty simple really. If your body is used to being cold it won’t need extra heat to stay warm. I prefer to drink lots of ice coffee and ice water before I go outside to lower my body temperature to as low as possible. On days where it may be -30 wind chill, just drink more iced beverages and it will make it much more manageable to enjoy your time outside. I personally try to stay away from warm or hot beverages in the winter due to this life hack alone. Drinking warm or hot beverages will raise your body temperature significantly and hinder the chances of you enjoying your time outdoors. I came up with a little saying to help guide me on this hack, “Drink the ice and the outside will be nice.” 

As a true Minnesotan, I live by these hacks. The most basic problems of winter can easily be solved by following this guide to winter. I know that these hacks may sound a bit ridiculous but I urge you to try them, they won’t let you down. I didn’t touch on this previously, however combining all three of these hacks at one time will do wonders for you and your outside winter experience. I have shared these hacks with a few of my friends and they absolutely love them. I hope I have done the same for you here today, and always remember “Drink the ice and the outside will be nice.”