Your New Favorite Club at the U of M


Charlie Rapheal, Editor

A new club has touched down at the University of Minnesota, and anyone can join. It’s common sense that everybody is born with an instinctual urge to get out and move around. School may have you stuck inside all day needing a break, and lectures could be dragging you back, but now there is a perfect way to let go of it all. I introduce to you: Hacky Sack Club. The perfect way to get away from school work, get some light activity in, meet new people, and genuinely have a good time. 

Hacky Sack Club was founded by Grace and Adam, two students here at the University of Minnesota. Grace is a junior studying Biology, Society, and Environment, and she is passionate about skiing, going to the beach, and reading. Adam is also a junior, and he is studying Data Science. His hobbies are basketball, volleyball, and playing video games. After meeting, the two realized they shared a common interest in the game, and decided that there was a potential to make it a real club. 

“I started playing Hacky Sack with my family in middle school and throughout high school. I really wanted to continue playing it throughout college, but I didn’t know too many who played it until I met Adam sophomore year who was also really into the sport. I brought up the idea of creating a club and Adam was on board so we started it the following semester.” -Grace Baudhuin

“I started playing with a few of my friends sophomore year and then met Grace who enjoyed it a lot. We both wanted to make it a legit club and it went from there.” -Adam Hague

Hacky Sack Club is about having a good time. As of right now, the meetings are organized to be very laid back, and focused on everyone getting to know each other and growing the club. Beginners are welcome, and the club should be seen as “a way to socialize with new people and learn a new sport”. 

The first meeting was on Tuesday, October 4th. The turnout was great, and when I asked Adam how it went, he responded that the first meeting “Went really well! We had enough people to split up into multiple groups and at the end we all started playing in one big group with music. We met a lot of new people and had an absolute blast! This is the hope for what future meetings will look like!” Meetings are biweekly on Tuesdays, at 6:30 in front of Coffman Memorial Union. Meet times and locations may vary in the future, however the Hacky Sack Club twitter will be updated with future changes. Additionally, when the weather cools down into the winter months, they will be looking to rent out an indoor space to move to. 

In the future, the founders of the club have ideas to expand the program of the club. They are looking into organizing things like tournaments and mini games that might incorporate different hacky sack skills. These things might involve smaller teams and some competition within the club, which is always something to look forward to. 

As of right now, the club is open to anyone. Simply show up to a meeting, introduce yourself and you’ll be hacking some sacks before you know it. The founders want to stress that Hacky Sack Club is welcoming of beginners, and there really is no joining process. 

To stay up to date with everything going on, you can check out the instagram or twitter of the club, both with the usernames @umnhackysack. With any questions you can reach out to [email protected].