Alex Jones Ordered to Pay Nearly a Billion

George Merkt, Contributor

Last week a groundbreaking decision was made in the Alex Jones vs Sandy Hook Parents defamation lawsuit. Jurors ordered Jones to pay nearly $1 billion dollars to Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim’s relatives who correctly claimed that he used their grief and loss into a twisted conspiracy to lie to his listeners. 

Yes, that is a billion with a B. The shocking verdict of a 965 million dollar payment came after a months long trial that was filled with ups and downs highlighted by large blunders by Jones’s representation.   

In August it was revealed that Jones’s legal team had inadvertently sent the entire contents of his cellphone to the opposing counsel. This massive blunder was revealed live to Alex Jones as he was on the stand by prosecuting attorney Mark Bankston saying that his attorney’s had “messed up and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone … that is how I know you lied to me when you said you didn’t have text messages about Sandy Hook.”  

Bankston continued pressing Jones on the stand, speaking about how he had earlier testified under the penalty of perjury that he had “searched his cellphone for Sandy Hook text messages” and “was unable to find any.” Bankston closed his argument by asking Jones “You know what perjury is, right? I just want to make sure you know before we go any further.” Alex Jones responded with a ludicrous statement stating that he was not lying and is simply “not a tech guy.”

Alex Jones was not in court to receive the verdict but reacted later in the day on his Infowars show saying: “All made up. Hilarious,” he said. “So this is what a show trial looks like. I mean, this is the left completely out of control.” Alex Jones’s lawyer, Norm Pattis, promised to appeal the decision saying that the trial was completely unfair and a dark dark day for the right to freedom of speech. 

The lawsuit alleged Alex Jones, Infowars, and their parent company, Free Speech Systems, used the mass murder to build and entertain his audience resulting in the profit of millions of dollars. Experts in the court testified that due to Jones’s lies about the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting. 

Twenty children and six adults were horrifically murdered in the shooting on December 14, 2012. For the next decade Jones profited off the gullibility of the American public by professing falsities that the school shooting was a false flag conspiracy theory by the United States government. 

It is still unknown how much of the 965 million dollar verdict Alex Jones will be able to afford. During the Texas based trail Jones testified that he could not afford any verdict over 2 million dollars. His lawyers will predictably continue to file appeals and attempt to reduce the damages for Jones. Jones’s Infowars parent company Free Speech Systems already filed for bankruptcy protection during the trial in late July. During the trial proceedings an economic expert testified that Alex Jones and his holdings (including his media companies) were worth upwards of $270 million which is well short of the massive verdict. 

A lawyer for the Connecticut based families case, Josh Koskoff, stated that “if this verdic

his actions are morally and ethically reprehensible and I am proud that our justice system served him with a stiff and hefty fine

— Anonymous

t shuts down Alex Jones, good. He’s been walking in the shadow of death to try to profit on the backs of people who have just been devastated.”

A local senior student at the University of Minnesota (who wished to remain anonymous) commented that “his actions are morally and ethically reprehensible and I am proud that our justice system served him with a stiff and hefty fine.”