Modern Warfare II Review: Best game of the year?

Charlie Eggers, Editor

This past week saw the release of the newest installation of “Call of Duty.” The new game in the franchise is titled “Modern Warfare II” and is the sequel to 2019, “Modern Warfare.” Both games are a reboot of the “Modern Warfare” series that came out in the late 2000s and is the 19th installment since “Call of Duty” (2003). 

Players that preordered the game were able to have access to the campaign. “Call of Duty” took a much different approach in the recent installments. The campaign is now like a long feature action film that you are immersed in. 

The campaign was a great successor to “Modern Warfare.” The campaign follows British SAS forces as they work with other countries to locate terrorists. During one mission the characters come across missiles from the U.S. and now you have to track them down around the globe. As the mission progress, you find out more about the leader of the terrorists. Throughout the main story, there are smaller plots that build with many of the characters that you have missions with.

The campaign goes all throughout the world including but not limited to the middle east, Europe, Mexico, and even the United States. Overall the campaign was very good and always kept the player on the edge of their seat with either a large twist or something going wrong that would derail the original mission. This campaign was one of the best that “Call of Duty” has put out in a long time. 

Aside from the campaign that came out early, last week players got to have their first games in multiplayer. Many of the locations that were experienced in the campaign were the themes of almost all of the multiplayer maps. There are currently 11 traditional 6v6 multiplayer maps and there are also 5 large 32v32 multiplayer maps. The traditional 6v6 maps offer many of the same modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, Ground War, Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, Free-for-All, Headquarters, and Kill Confirmed. Some of the new game modes that you will be able to play include Invasion, Prisoner Rescue, Knockout, and Control.

Along with new maps, there are 51 weapons that players can choose from and customize. Each weapon in this latest version has a similar weapon progression where the more time you spend using the weapon and getting kills, the more you can add to them. Some smaller customization that is new to this year’s release includes solid color paint jobs to weapons and the addition of different patterns and camos. 

When asking around campus about the game, I found that many students have been enjoying the game, but there are some hold-ups currently. A senior at the University of Minnesota said,

I really enjoy the game, but there are some bugs here and there and there are a few features that are still missing

— Adam King

Some of the game bugs include players showing up as an ominous black hole that takes up your entire screen and only will go away when you die. Another bug that players have is a broken spawn system. Some players experience getting put in the middle of the map or inconvenient places and get killed instantly making it very hard to compete in the game. 

Some features that are still missing from the game include the K/D (kill/death) ratio which is used to measure how good players are. Another major feature that is still missing from the game that is slated for release later this year is the sequel to the very popular Warzone. This battle royale game is loved by many players and there is a lot of excitement about this feature of the game. 

“Call of Duty” has redeemed itself with another solid game in its catalog. There are still some things here and there that they need to iron out, but as a brand-new game, it is understandable. With more “Call of Duty” slated for later this year, there will be continuous hype around the game until Christmas time.