Lying Lebron

Colby Lentz, Contributer

Lebron James is known for his excellent basketball skills and plays while being named one of the greatest basketball players of all time. However, recently Lebron is being called out for lying about multiple things whether it is reading books, watching movies, watching sports, or just anything in general. This trend of Lebron James lying about stuff has taken the world by storm and many memes and jokes have been made about him on all of social media. 

Lebron James is an American basketball player born in Akron, Ohio who is very popular as he is considered one of the greatest of all time if not #1 then 2. Lebron James’ nickname is “The King” or “The Chosen One” which suits him as he has 4 NBA Championships, 4 Finals MVPs, 10 Finals appearances, 4 NBA MVPs, 2 Olympic Gold medals, 18 All-star games, and many other accomplishments as there are just too many to count. Lebron James is also known for his longevity as he has been in the league for 19 seasons and he entered the league when he was 18. Lebron James is now 37 and still averaging the same statistics as he did when he first entered the league and he has shown no signs of slowing down. Lebron has been in the league for more time than not being in the league which is crazy to think about.

What comes with all of these years in the league are the countless number of interviews and reporters who call Lebron’s bluff on many things he cannot answer. Lebron often brings up a book or a movie he has been watching and a reporter asks him something about the specific thing and Lebron finds himself dumbfounded with a simple question. He simply does not know how to answer the question as he has never actually watched or read the books or movies he is talking about. People have become angry over this as they are disappointed in Lebron for not being able to answer some questions. 

Lebron has such a big influence on people and the younger generation, and it is so frustrating when he lies

— Andrew Shober


On Lebron James’ talk show “The Shop” an incident where he has Marcus Rashford, a forward for Manchester City Football Club, Marcus talks about one of his old coaches sayings “Put yourself in situations where you’re not comfortable.” Lebron immediately responds and says “Oh yeah, that’s my favorite saying” when clearly this is a lie. There is no way that Lebron’s favorite saying just happens to be the one that Marcus Rashford says during his interview so people were calling him out for this one. 

One of Lebron’s most well-known lying acts was when he was talking during an interview about Kobe Bryant’s 81-point performance. Lebron states “I was at home watching the game, and I said before the game even started, he was probably going to score 70 tonight.” Further on he then said, “I don’t know what made me say that and my friends were with me and they were like okay, and when he got to 70 I was like he might as well go for 80 now.” This is just straight up a lie, there is no way Lebron said that before the game and people have called him out on it. 

More recently however after the passing of Takeoff, a member of the rap group Migos, Lebron states that he had been listening to them when he was on the Heat in 2010. This cannot even be possible because the Migos didn’t release their first tape until 2011 so Lebron is just making stuff up at this point. 

There are countless incidents where Lebron James has been caught lying and just too many to discuss that have gotten people riled up. I think that Lebron should tell the truth more often then people wouldn’t make fun of him for not knowing information and his fans won’t be disappointed with him when he does lie. Lebron should work on watching or reading more information before he gets on interviews and spews nonsense or just simply not talk about things he has no idea about.