Stonks Christmas Edition


Tuanon, Contributor

Welcome back, it’s been a while. In this week’s column, I will be straying away from my normal stock-picking activities and instead putting a holiday spin on things by finding some hot Christmas stock picks. As always, a disclaimer: I am a very good gift giver, my taste is so-so, do not take anything as gift-giving advice, and most importantly do your own research!


FlightScope Golf Mevo+

ON SALE FOR $1,699. Look, this is an incredible bargain. No one wants to be the one to show up at that first tee time in the spring and hypothetically completely shank one into your buddy’s cart, hitting him in the face and sending your foursome into the hospital, missing opening day, and probably the best round of your life after that breakfast ball. Completely hypothetical. That would be a travesty though, sorry Tom. The FlightScope Mevo+ eliminates this possibility from ever existing outside of this article. For a small price of 1700 dollars, you can be at the top of your game come springtime and dominate your friends. The FlightScope gives data on over 38 different golf components including full swings, chipping, and putting. And I promise there is nothing better than smoking a drive 275 down the middle and telling your buddy that you had a smash factor 3x higher than him. So if you really want to take your game to the next level add this one to your wish list and hope Santa puts in work against Dancer and Prancer on the back nine.


Nike ACG Fleece Pullover

$200-300. You might be saying what in the world is Nike ACG? Let me give you the absolute pleasure of introducing you to Nike’s most underrated products. The Nike All Conditions Gear. Made for the harshest weather of the outdoors but realistically exactly what a Minnesota student needs to walk to a 9 am west bank class. The Nike ACG gear takes design and beautifully implements the trend of gorpcore. Nowhere does this shine greater than the Nike ACG Fleece Pullover. A streetwear staple, this piece can be worn from the backwoods of northern Minnesota to the streets of downtown Minneapolis in the North Loop. A personal favorite, this piece is a must-add to the closet of any freezing undergrad at Minnesota. 


Literally Anything From Carhartt WIP

$10-10000. Carhartt WIP is the Work-in-Progress division of the American brand Carhartt. An iconic, and well-respected brand in fashion both above and underground. Carhartt WIP takes the iconic durable builds from Carhartt and develops them into more fashion-forward trend pieces. Working with athletes and artists alike you cannot go wrong with an item from Carhartt WIP this holiday season. Their jackets and hoodies are both top-of-the-line when it comes to durability and quality but are also extremely warm and comfy. Not only is the material high quality but the cuts are as well. Fellow University Student James commented “Carhartt WIP is my go to for all things fashion. As someone who cares about not only how they look but the environment as well knowing that I am wearing a piece of clothing that is both sustainable, durable, and made from real products is something that I take pride in. It doesn’t hurt that I get compliments on it either.” I would have to wholeheartedly agree with James here. So if you have no idea what to get that outdoorsy person in your life pick up a pair of their simple pants which are anything but simple and a heavy sweatshirt and you’re sure to knock that gift out of the park.