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Soccer Doesn’t Deserve the Hate

Marissa Huberty

December 16, 2017

A startling trend appears to be on the rise; apparently, many Americans hate soccer. The common mantra “ball is life” doesn’t seem to apply to this sport, with some individuals claiming it “sucks” and that it’s “not real.” A soccer lover’s visceral reaction to such abrasive statements mi...

Soccer Deserves The Hate

Nicholas Johnson

December 15, 2017

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m wrong about America. I love this country, don’t get me wrong. We do some pretty gnarly stuff. But lately… I don’t know. Things are weird. Trump’s President. Pot’s illegal. Politicians drone. It all seems like too much, man. Are we still the greatest country in th...

Timberwolves Recap

t wolves

Charlie Gers

November 6, 2017

Despite previously suffering tough losses to the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons by a combined margin of 44 points, the Timberwolves have gained momentum and are on top of the Western Conference board. After Saturday night’s 112-99 victory over the Dallas Mavericks at the Target Center in Minneapolis, th...

Israeli Judo Fighters Snubbed During Grand Slam Event in Abu Dhabi

Judo sport training in the sports hall

Mitchell Rolling

November 6, 2017

This year’s Grand Slam Judo event in Abu Dhabi included a blatant act of disrespect to the country of Israel and the Israeli competitors. Tal Flicker, the world’s top-ranked Judoka in the men’s 66-kilogram weight class, is also an Israeli citizen. After Flicker won his gold-medal match the United Ar...

Get Ready for Gopher Basketball


Michael Ziebarth

November 6, 2017

As every Gopher fan should be, I have been quite disappointed by the pathetic performance of Gopher football so far this year. But do not fret, the Gopher basketball season is right around the corner and the Gophers should have a great season. After a horrendous 2015-16 season the Gophers turned it ar...

Tale of Two Seasons


Mitch Bendis

October 16, 2017

The 2016 baseball season was an summer for the Minnesota Twins. Despite an encouraging 2015 season and many promising rookies, the Twins spent the entire 162 games in last place. It seemed as though 2017 was going to be more of the same: Byron Buxton striking out, starters getting pounded, and Brian Dozier...

The Minnesota Republic’s MLB Playoff Picture


Mitch Bendis

September 25, 2017

162 MLB games have come and gone. For some teams, the season thus far brought legendary success; for others, it brought months of terrible agony. With that, we will now analyze the MLB playoff picture and try to predict which teams will rise and which will fall in the land of October baseball. Nationa...

New Year, New Champion: Kansas City Chiefs

Addison Scufsa

September 20, 2017

After last year’s epic Super Bowl comeback, the Patriots celebrated yet another victory, this time over the Atlanta Falcons. While Foxborough had its fifth Super Bowl parade in 15 years, the rest of the league groaned. How could a team that just won the Super Bowl possibly get better? Who would be...

Rowing to a Banner Year? Temper Expectations

Minneapolis, United States - June 20, 2014: TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota. TCF Bank is an outdoor stadium and home to the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team.

Addison Scufsa

August 27, 2017

It’s that time of year again. Gopher fans are gearing up unrealistic expectations for our football team before a single game is played. In a typical year, we Gophers fast forward three months to our team completing another solid season, while unfortunately failing to not humiliate ourselves against ...

Athlete Profile: Wayde Hall

10930869_10206236595742849_5543161808400912564_n (2)

David Blondin

April 24, 2017

This month, the Minnesota Republic had the honor of interviewing Wayde Hall, an athlete on our Twin Cities campus. As a successful runner and a determined and witty individual, Wayde provided us with important, inspiring, and hilarious comments alike. Check out our interview with him below: MNR:W...

University of Minnesota Oppression Olympics Brackets Underway


David Blondin

March 27, 2017

It’s that time of year again, March Madness. Every year millions of people fill out brackets in an attempt to predict the winner of the NCAA men’s Division I basketball national champion. Some do it for fun while others do it to satiate their gambling addiction or to prove their sports prognostication do...

Athlete Profile: Eric Colvin


David Blondin

March 21, 2017

Eric Colvin is a Senior at the U studying Economics. He is a Cross Country runner as well as a Track and Field athlete. What is your favorite part about being a gopher athlete? My favorite part is being with my teammates and the opportunity to work and compete with them everyday. What are you doing to ...

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