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Sleepy Joe, the Democratic Hero?

Sleepy Joe, the Democratic Hero?

Nakul Suresh, Contributor

May 1, 2020

The mainstream media was shocked to see little known South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Bernie Sanders dominate the beginning of the Democratic Primary. For the past few decades, every nominee for the two major political parties has either won the Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire Primary or both....

CPAC 2020: Donald Trump’s propaganda meets conservative extremists

President Donald Trump delivering remarks on 2020 campaign competitors. Photo by Tiana Meador

Tiana Meador, Editor-in-Chief

March 4, 2020

On Saturday Feb. 29 President Donald Trump gave his annual CPAC speech, which spanned about two hours and took full advantage of roasting the press box. The box, which welcomed writers from The New Republic, Business Insider, New York Post, and many other publications, was repeatedly ridiculed throughout the spee...

CPAC 2020: America first goes global

CPAC 2020: America first goes global

Casey McCabe, Editor

March 4, 2020

After arriving in Alexandria Virginia the first thing I did was take a good long look at the Potomac River.  Rivers not only serve as natural borders, but they also serve as transportation, allowing our ancestors to travel great distances.  This year's Conservative Political Action Conference featured prom...

Fabricated rights: healthcare edition

Image courtesy of Google images. Labeled for reuse

Nathan Harman, Contributor

November 21, 2019

A few weeks ago, when I was participating in the Bipartisan Issues Group’s ideology debate, the topic of how the government should intervene in healthcare came up. My Democratic colleague gave the well-known figures on the number of Americans who are uninsured or under-insured, appealing to the c...

Bernie made me conservative

Bernie made me conservative

Nakul Suresh, Writer

October 12, 2019

Bernie or bust. How could elitist, corporatist and establishment Hillary represent the common man? Her views have changed about as often as Bill Clinton has had affairs. She’s evolved from a self-identified moderate to a faux progressive. Instead, I was craving a breath of fresh air during the 2016...

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