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Chinese Muslim internment camps

Chinese Muslim internment camps

Trey Burmeister, Contributor

December 12, 2019

China has been a frequent topic in American news outlets recently, primarily due to the current trade war with President Trump. Recently though, another topic has found its way into the mainstream thanks to a viral social media post from a U.S. teen. This Tik Tok post from Feroza Azizir posed as a be...

Chinese germ-line editing gives HIV-resistance

Chinese germ-line editing gives HIV-resistance

Danny Panken, Contributor

October 10, 2019

Overnight, the cost for gene editing was slashed by 99%, and the time it takes to conduct such gene editing experiments has dropped on the scale of years to weeks. Due to this severe cut in cost and time, just about any lab can conduct genetic-based research experiments. Bacteria and viruses (or bacteriophages...

Trump vs. China proves patience is a virtue

Max Fagan, Contributor

September 12, 2019

With a U.S. goods trade deficit from China of nearly $420 billion in 2018, one of President Trump's primary campaign goals is to help eliminate some of the ridiculously large deficits we are forced to bear. The Trump administration believes that these practices have put U.S. companies at a disad...

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