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Minnesota Supreme Court: No felony rape charge if the assailant doesnt intoxicate the victim

Minnesota Supreme Court: No felony rape charge if the assailant doesn’t intoxicate the victim

Tiana Meador, Editor in Chief March 27, 2021

A person who is sexually assaulted while intoxicated does not fit the designation for a felony charge if he or she consumed the alcohol or drugs voluntarily, the Minnesota Supreme Court said in a ruling...

Current COVID-19 procedures are making it difficult for local gyms to not only stay open, but stay on top of reluctant anti-mask patrons. Once a place of gathering, now a place of robotic, socially distant, nervous energy. As staff desperately try to keep patrons in line, discarded masks and advisory signs now litter gym floors. Gym member Ming Dao says, “I would use the cardio equipment if I did not have to wear a mask, I hate it. Nobody uses the treadmills anymore so they won’t faint. I am tired of having staff remind me.”

Gyms during COVID-19: an employee’s perspective

Tiana Meador, Editor in Chief January 25, 2021

You may be wondering: what does the gym look like nowadays? If you are not a gym-goer, then this may be a curiosity of yours, otherwise – those who do go, know the regulations are not only hard to maintain,...

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