Dorm Hero Strives for Safety in Resident Halls

Timothy Wilmot

On the evening of Jan. 25, a hero in a freshman dorm on campus posed as a Community Advisor to restore peace on a rowdy night of partying. He dressed in an outfit similar to that of the CA’s who do their rounds at night to ensure that residents are abiding by the noise and substance use rules that are in place to keep them safe.

Parties are a rampant problem in many dorms on Friday and Saturday nights and they keep the more scholarly students from working ahead on homework. Peer pressure, underage alcohol consumption and illicit substance use is a known byproduct of these disruptive social events. Knowing this, our local hero knocked on the doors of parties and said that they were reportedly being too loud. He shut down a handful of the more obnoxious parties and was lauded as a hero for his actions. He risked having his mission misinterpreted as a ruse to “confiscate” alcoholic beverages, but nonetheless he pressed on in order to make the residence hall a better place.

 We need more students to take initiative like this model individual, and he has reported that should the need arise, he is more than willing to rise to the occasion and pursue a more peaceful living environment.