The Return of Bobby Shmurda

March 10, 2021


On Tuesday, February 23rd 2021 Bobby Shmurda real name Ackquille Jean Pollard was released from Clinton County Correctional Facility on parole. Incarcerated since December of 2014, Bobby has spent much of his adult life behind bars but now finally has a second shot at freedom. In 2016 Bobby and fourteen other members of GS9 were arrested outside of the Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan New York on charges of conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and illegal possession of a firearm. According to The Brooklyn Eagle, law enforcement targeted Bobby and his entourage due to their belief that his record label, GS9, was also a violent street gang responsible for a slew of crimes ranging from assaults to the sale of narcotics. Designating Bobby as the mastermind behind the illegal enterprise, he was arrested and booked into the New York legal system. According to court documents Bobby pleaded not guilty, with his attorney arguing, “he is a legitimate entertainer, he is rich, he is busy, he is always on tour.”

he is a legitimate entertainer, he is rich, he is busy, he is always on tour

— Attn. Howard Greenberg VIA The Brooklyn Eagle

After being sentenced, processed, and ultimately serving his time, Bobby has returned home to a reception fit for a king. According to Billboard, Quavo of the Migos personally went to pick up Shmurda himself, with a private jet on standby to ferry the two back to New York City. Upon arriving home in New York, Bobby was greeted by his mother, his crew, and a plethora of RIAA certifications that were all earned while he was behind bars. During his roughly six year prison stint his tracks “Hot Boy” and “Bobby B*tch” have both been certified platinum with the first of the two tracks going platinum five times over. His debut project “Shmurda She Wrote” has been certified gold, and the track “Computers” by his friend and close collaborator Rowdy Rebel on which he is featured has also been certified gold by the RIAA.

In addition to being reunited with his family and friends, Quavo also took Shmurda on a tour of his home town which culminated in a trip to The Icebox, a popular upscale jewelry store in NYC. During a press conference Bobby pulled Quavo from the sidelines to appear in pictures with him alongside Epic Records CEO Sylvia Rhone as she presented him with the RIAA certifications. During the exchange Bobby said “come on man jump in, this is my brother right here man, ain’t never switch up dawg, the whole six years.”

come on man jump in, this is my brother right here man, ain’t never switch up dawg, the whole six years

— Bobby Shmurda Via Icebox on YouTube

Since his release Bobby has promised fans a new project. Before his arrest in 2014 Shmurda was allegedly working on a collaboration project with the Migos titled “Shmigo Gang,” which may see the light of day now that Bobby is free. Regardless of when Bobby decides to release new music, all eyes are now on him as he takes his first steps back into the rap game as a free man. According to TMZ Bobby spent his first few days as a free man with his family and friends, finally able to hug his mother after six long years. 

Whether you are a Shmurda fan or not, it is great to finally see him enjoying life and receiving the fruits of his labors. His breakout single “Hot Boy” was released mere months before Bobby was incarcerated, meaning he is just now beginning to interact with artists of his caliber. Since his release Bobby has been quick to return to performing with two shows already booked for the NBA All Star Game in Atlanta. While behind bars Bobby missed a lot of events in the hip hop community, the entire careers of XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD as well as the rise and fall of fellow New York icon Pop Smoke. Now that he is a free man Bobby is finally able to receive the love that the hip-hop community has had for him the whole time and it is beautiful to say the very least.

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