Winter V.S. Summer Olympics

Colby Lentz, Contributor

The Olympics are something that has been around for as long as I have been living and more and they still get me excited whenever they are on. The Olympics are so fun to watch because they are on whenever there is nothing else on and I always find myself tuning in. Whether it is the Summer or the Winter Olympics there are always some events that I really want to watch. I love watching the big swimming races such as the relays, and also the 100m dash. 

While watching the Summer Olympics, I always seem to come across some random events at weird times that are truly an enjoyment to watch. I remember watching during the Summer with my brother and we came across this event where people would “freestyle” on a course on bikes and people would totally wipeout and basically hurt themselves. That was really fun to watch because we were both thinking; “How is this in the Olympics, and what are they even competing for?” But it was something new and it was entertaining enough to keep us interested so I guess it was doing its job.

During the Summer Olympics, there doesn’t seem to be as much hype around it as the Winter Olympics. I personally don’t get as excited about the Summer Olympics because there are only around five events that are really a “must watch”. The events for the Summer that I think are worth watching are the big swimming events, the main track events such as the sprints and the single lap races, gymnastics events, and that is about it.  Sure there are some events that are fun to watch from time to time such as the high jumps, javelin, shot put, long jump, rowing, and fencing, but they are simply not as exciting as the “lower tier” events of the Winter Olympics.

Another thing that I don’t like about the Summer Olympics is basketball because the other teams never have a chance to win. The United States is so much better than every team that they play that there is no point in watching because you already know they will dominate. While watching hockey in the Winter Olympics you know that other teams have a chance to win and it is much more exciting. There is actual competition in the sport of hockey in the Winter Olympics when there is simply no competition at all in basketball for the Summer Olympics. 

For the Winter Olympics, there seems to be much more excitement and a lot of the events are much more dangerous and fun and fast, and end up being more fun to watch because there is more going on. People are going off huge jumps, speeding down hills at 70+ MPH, doing crazy stunts off high jumps, something about them putting their bodies on the line and speed just makes it way more exciting in my opinion. Also the more “low key” events in the winter Olympics are just better and still more exciting than those of the summer Olympics. Events such as curling, speed skating, luge, bobsledding, skeleton, freestyle skiing, short track speed skating, and more. What all of these events have in common compared to the summer Olympics is they have speed and excitement, as the summer ones are just throwing something as far as you can, or jumping as high or far as you can, just not very much excitement. 

Overall I think that both of the games are very exciting to watch and it is always cool to see people who are representing our country win in whatever they are competing in. However, I do think that watching the winter Olympics is more enjoyable than the summer Olympics. Just the art of these athletes putting their bodies on the line in the most extreme ways just amazes me and I always find myself in awe of these factors. I also think that there is just more happening in the winter Olympics than in the summer because most of the events are very different from each other and not alike at all. I have always been a fan of the cold over heat so maybe this is why my opinion is the way that it is.

Overall I think that both of the games are very exciting to watch and it is always cool to see people who are representing our country win in whatever they are competing in