First time Game of Thrones Watcher

Colby Lentz, Contributer

With the excitement surrounding House of the Dragon, a prequel of the critically acclaimed show Game of Thrones, I knew I had to watch it, but I had never seen Game of Thrones. This does not matter because House of the Dragon is set around 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. I decided to give House of the Dragon a shot and was completely blown away. After the first episode I went and watched the first couple episodes of Game of Thrones and was instantly hooked. This article is about my first experiences of watching Game of Thrones about 11 years after it first came out. 

I have heard the hype around Game of Thrones for years but I had never given it a chance even after people say it is one of the greatest shows ever made. My first reaction to the show after season 1 and 2 is that it is very good and definitely lived up to the hype. I have never seen a show like this one. The characters are very interesting, and the writers of this show did a very good job with this. There have been times where my jaw dropped and there are so many twists and turns within the plot that are crazy. 

Thinking about the way the world was back then with people getting killed and hung and people would just walk by like nothing happened. Like if someone would make a comment about you then you would have the right to kill them without any repercussions. In today’s world if something like that were to happen the person who killed them would be in jail for the rest of their life, while back then your head would be chopped off and put on a spike so everyone would see. 

Another thing that I thought is crazy is how the king can do whatever they want and if you try to reason or tell him he’s wrong you will be sentenced to death. A scene that sticks out to me is when the old king dies and his “son” who is not actually his son is named new king, and he holds fighting competitions and people are just dying and he wants to keep going. I think it would be so corrupt just having the king’s son take over as ruler of the realm just because he is blood related.

University of Minnesota Student Nick Stelljes was asked for his take on the show. He said, “I wasn’t that interested in it, but then realized how genius it was.”

I questioned him on why he thought it was genius and his response was “The pot line and incorporating all the towns together, it would always keep you on your toes.” I also do really like this about Game of Thrones because when a character comes up that you haven’t seen in an episode or two then you get really excited to see what they have been up to. 

An episode would end and I would want the next one to come out

— Nick Stelljes

I have found this to be very true, at the end of every episode I found myself stunned and wanting more. I remember times where I would be watching very late in the night and I would get to the end of an episode and keep watching just because it was so thrilling. 

In conclusion, I think that my first experience with Game of Thrones was very good, and well worth the watch. Being so late to the hype of Game of Thrones is strange because everyone who I have talked to has watched it. After watching Game of Thrones I can now follow the plot of House of the Dragon a lot better and it has made my watching experience way better.