John Wick 4 Blows its Predecessors Out of the Water

John Wick 4 Blows its Predecessors Out of the Water

Charlie Eggers, Editor

Over the years the John Wick movie series has established itself as one of the most intense and action-packed films in the history of cinema. The newest installment brings the series to a new level. 

In the previous movie John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, was on the run for breaking the rules and had a bounty on his head. This movie continues his escape and his focus on tearing the entire organization down just so he can be free again. 

This new movie introduces a new villain called the Marquee, played by Bill Skarsguard, who has almost all the power in the organization and will stop at nothing to kill John Wick. The villain is one of the most powerful we have seen in this series and has all the resources available to kill Wick. Throughout the film, John Wick is chased by the Marquee and his assassins and has to fight in almost every minute of the movie to stay alive.

For the first time in the series, we got the opportunity to see John Wick in Japan which held one of the greatest fight scenes in the series. The entire fight scene that took place lasted almost 30 minutes and showed John Wick and his friends’ epic escape from the Marquee’s men. 

Moreover, this installment has provided us with the best and most over-the-top fight scenes that I have ever seen in an action movie. If you were to leave during the movie and come back 4 minutes later, you would most likely come back to a fight scene. It is estimated that John Wick kills 140 people which is almost one kill every minute. 

You would probably expect with all of these killings and fight scenes that there is almost no story or that the story is lacking. In my opinion, the story is one of the weaker in the series but it is still very good and easy to follow if you have seen the previous movies. If you have seen none of the movies, you would be very lost and would not understand anything that is going on. Many of the characters that have helped John Wick throughout this movie build their relationship with him in the movies and if you miss those you would not know who these people are or why they are helping him. 

There is also information that viewers accumulate in the earlier movies that help them understand why the situation for John Wick in this movie is so dire and that it may be impossible to escape alive. 

Overall, John Wick 4 is one of the best in the franchise. The sheer amount of fight scenes make the movie intense at every spot. There are some points however where John Wick seems almost indestructible. One such instance is when he gets hit by a car going full speed several times and is still able to get up and fight dozens of people in hand-to-hand combat. Another time where he may have been indestructible is when he kicked down a flight of 200 stairs to get up and fight another dozen people. Some of it is kind of absurd, but it makes for an excellent movie and will have action fans on the edge of their seats. Keanu Reeves has done an excellent job of portraying John Wick as a cold-blooded assassin who is willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

The new villain, the Marquee, is a worthy opponent and Skarsguard plays the role perfectly, making viewers feel his immense power and hatred for John Wick. The fight scenes are choreographed beautifully, making them seem like a dance rather than a fight. The locations are stunning and the cinematography is top-notch.

However, as mentioned before, the story may not be the strongest point of this movie. It serves as a means to connect all the fight scenes together, but it lacks the depth and complexity of the previous movies. Nevertheless, the movie still manages to keep viewers engaged and rooting for John Wick throughout his journey.