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Third Times the Charm

Third Time’s the Charm

George Merkt, Contributor November 16, 2022

For the third time in two months, and for the fifth time in six years, the United Kingdom has a new prime minister. Rishi Sunak has replaced Liz Truss as the British prime minister sending waves through...

New Ideas on How We Should Run State Elections

Charlie Eggers, Editor November 16, 2022

Just over a week ago, we found out the results from the 2022 midterm election on November 8th, 2022. Many of the results were unsurprising and the polls were very accurate in forecasting this year's winners.  In...

Interview With Cicely Davis - Candidate for Congressional District Five

Interview With Cicely Davis – Candidate for Congressional District Five

Alyssa Abke, Treasurer November 2, 2022

Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District’s spot in Congress has been filled by members of the Democratic Party since 1963. Cicely Davis is running for Congress to put an end to failed leadership in Minneapolis...

Secretary Of State Candidate Kim Crockett Seeks Election Reform

Secretary Of State Candidate Kim Crockett Seeks Election Reform

Joshua Klopp, Vice President October 19, 2022

The Secretary of State of Minnesota is a constitutional office in the executive branch of state government in Minnesota. This role is mightily important because of its responsibility for overseeing statewide...

An Interview with State Auditor Candidate Ryan Wilson

Austin Lentz, Editor October 19, 2022

Minnesota Republic: What does the State Auditor do? State Auditor Candidate Ryan Wilson: “State Auditor is important because it is the only statewide elected official that is tasked with overseeing...

GOP Candidate for governor Scott Jensen Prepares for Election

Jacob Gregor, President October 19, 2022

Come election day on November 8, the narrow governor race will be decided between current governor Tim Walz and the GOP candidate Scott Jensen. Dr. Scott Jensen has been a member of the Minnesota State...

Become an Election Judge in Minnesota

Jacob Gregor, Editor April 6, 2022

With recent conspiracies about election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, the time has never been more relevant to consider being an election judge (a.k.a. "poll worker") in the next election. If...

CPAC 2021 Reporter, CPAC 2022 Candidate for Governor: Kari Lake

CPAC 2021 Reporter, CPAC 2022 Candidate for Governor: Kari Lake

Jacob Gregor, Contributor March 2, 2022

The state of Arizona has been under a political microscope ever since the presidential election in 2020. This came with plenty of controversy, as former president Joe Biden ran against Donald Trump. Arizona...

Georgia Voting Law Explained

Georgia Voting Law Explained

John Quinlan, Contributor April 21, 2021

Georgia’s new voting reform law, SB 202, has sparked major controversy over the past few weeks. The left criticizes it as a new form of voter suppression that targets minority voters, while the right...

CNN Accused of Propaganda

CNN Accused of Propaganda

Sam Ferreira, Contributor April 21, 2021

Two weeks ago, right-wing news outlet Project Veritas posted a video of a CNN staffer admitting to an undercover journalist multiple wrong doings CNN committed during the 2020 election season.  In...

Washington Post Corrects Misquotes

Washington Post Corrects Misquotes

Avery Heinen, Contributor March 24, 2021

On November 3, 2020, there were a lot of key races going on across the country. One of these was Georgia’s senate race. Both seats were up for grabs, and both had Republican incumbents. Georgia’s Class...

Donald Trumps First Public Appearance at CPAC 2021

Donald Trump’s First Public Appearance at CPAC 2021

Murphy Eggers, Contributor March 10, 2021

On March, 28 former President Donald J. Trump made his first appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.  The whole weekend was filled with heavy anticipation ahead...

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