Tayy Brown & Reek Ruxton’s “The Quarantine” Ep is HOT, but short

April 6, 2020

On March 27th Tayy Brown and Reek Ruxton released their first collaborative project, “The Quarantine.”  The Quarantine is one of many projects dropped during lock-ins around the nation due to the coronavirus epidemic, and features 7 songs and one minute long interlude for a total of 8 tracks. 


I have been following Tayy Brown since late 2018 when I saw him perform as an opener for Ski Mask The Slump God’s “Ski Meets World” tour.  Tayy is one of the few artists I like that I heard for the first time live, and for that reason I have a special love for him. Since the Ski Meets World tour the Maryland native has been busy, releasing two full length albums, “2Y’s” and “Paint My Love”, as well as his 2020 mixtape “To Hold You Off Pt2.”


Of all the tracks on the EP the opening cut, “Quarantine,” is my absolute favorite.  The song begins with an audio cut of a local news channel discussing the Governor of Maryland’s unhappiness with people’s reaction to social distancing.  I personally love small touches like this in music and it made me love this song more than I already did. One of the funnier lines on the track is when Tayy raps

“she gon bless me like achoo they gon pay me fo’ what I do.”

— Tayy Brown

This line put a smile on my face and is just one of many public health references on the project.


My second favorite song on the EP is “White Horse.”  This song is a lot more in line with Tayy’s flow as it is more sing-song and emotional.  Throughout the song Tayy ties all of the pieces of the ballad together with the hook “said she wanna ride with the boy of course, red leather seats white horse, they gon talk but they got no source, I got Henny leakin’ out my pores.”  On this track Tayy flexes his versatility by both singing the hook, but by also carrying the flow with his verse. My favorite bar from this cut comes from Tayy on the first verse where he raps,

“white people screaming out murder, baby tryna say she in love, I be acting like I aint heard her, see the love when I look in the mirror, drink so much I can barely hear…”

— Tayy Brown


I also want to highlight the song “Blood on my face” as the beat features infectious high-hats and a kick drum that forces me to get up and grove.  On this cut Reek Ruxton takes over the hook rapping “n****s hating that i’m from the way, ‘member days i had blood on my face, yea its my turn but I had to wait…”  The beat produced by Q Red on the Track comes in at just over 3 minutes but I wish it was longer. Tayy only has one verse on the song which he absolutely destroys. My favorite bar by Tayy on this one is,

“and they wanna be us, b***hes never wanna leave us, I can tell how they treat us, pockets fat like diabetes.”

— Tayy Brown

I thought this line was funny, and it’s one of many I had to run back to make sure I heard correctly.


A lot of the songs on the project tend to be grittier, like the cut “Kamera Man” featuring Kyleton. This allows for songs like “White Horse” and the “coronavirus” interlude to serve as a break from the madness.  The coronavirus interlude is a clip taken from Instagram featuring a woman yelling in reaction to the virus, and is interesting to say the least. This is one of many nuggets in this project referring to the pandemic of COVID-19 as the EP is littered with bars related to sickness.


When creating this EP Tayy Brown and Reek Ruxton definitely prioritized quality over quantity as the project is short, and doesn’t contain any unnecessary material.  Its bare bones but every track belongs, and the project wouldn’t be the same if it was any shorter. As far as it being any longer, I think it’s a dope concept to be able to listen to a project front to back in 20 minutes.  I prefer Tayy’s strategy of dropping smaller projects on a regular basis versus Lil Uzi’s strategy of dropping 30 songs at once every 3 years. While in quarantine it can be hard to find things to do, but one thing I highly recommend is that you listen to “The Quarantine ” by Tayy Brown and Reek Ruxton which is available now on all streaming platforms.

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    Charbel FarahSep 15, 2020 at 2:15 am

    Can you please do an article on tayy brown in 2020, he’s been making alot of new songs and they deserve more recognition 🙂