Kirk Cousins Will Lead the Minnesota Vikings to the Playoffs


Ben Deters, Contributor

The 2021 NFC Division is packed with talent, and definitely matches up well with the best teams in the AFC. If I were a betting man, I would take Tom Brady and the Buccaneers to win the NFC Division, but where does that leave the Minnesota Vikings when looking towards the playoff picture? Going into Week 6, the Vikings are trailing both the Bears (3-2) and the Packers (4-1) in the NFC North, but change is near. With a healthy Dalvin Cook, the Vikings will tear up opposing defenses, and solidify a playoff berth. 

Kirk Cousins is the offensive general for the Minnesota Vikings, and up until this point, has continued to prove himself as a quality quarterback in the National Football League. The “YOU LIKE THAT?” energy that Kirk provides for this offense has been evident this season, and was very visual after Week 5 win against the Detroit Lions, when Kirk nearly threw Head Coach Zimmer into the nosebleeds in celebration. Kirk’s timidity in previous seasons was a deterrent in my belief of the team’s success, but ever since the Vikings 2020 season (7-9), Kirk’s rebranded himself as the team goon, and the Vikings will continue to rally behind him. 

The team’s three losses up until this point don’t reflect the reality of those games. In Week 1, the Vikings lost to the Cincinnati Bengals on a blown fumble call in overtime that lost them the game. In the Week 2 loss to the highly ranked Arizona Cardinals, Vikings kicker Greg Joseph muffed a 37-yard field goal to seal the game and add a second win to the Vikings’ season. The Vikings are a much better team than their record up to this point shows, and when the correct pieces are healthy, few teams can stop them. 

Although he’s had a couple of slow games, Captain Kirk continues to maintain a high level of play, with 10 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions on the year. He had four games with over 240 yards passing, and maintained a completion percentage of 69.45%, trailing leading quarterback Kyler Murray by less than 6%. Kirk and the Vikings seem to have a positive outlook, as they aren’t scheduled to play a top 10 overall defense until week 14 when they face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

A quiet year for Dalvin Cook has paved the way for backup Alexander Mattison to step onto the scene and prove his value as a running back. When Dalvin Cook returns to the field, the dual-back threat will open up many opportunities for Captain Kirk to operate the offense with efficiency.

The Vikings have the opportunity to prove themselves in the coming weeks, and that’s exactly what they will do


Future Predictions:

  • Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers (Oct. 17)

The Carolina Panthers present an extremely good run game in Christian McCaffrey when active, but seem to decline greatly when he isn’t healthy. The Vikings present a much deeper offense in Captain Kirk and the boys, and although Carolina has a highly ranked run defense, the Vikings depth in both wide receivers and tight ends will overpower the Panthers defense. 

  • Minnesota Vikings @ Baltimore Ravens (Nov. 7)

It’s hard to bet against a confident Lamar Jackson, who possesses the best run game in the NFL at the quarterback position. The lack of a reliable running back will prevent Lamar from being a huge threat to the Vikings front line, but his feet will increase Jackson’s reliability in the pass game. If the Vikings present a strong pass game, they will win a close game against a strong Ravens defense.

Captain Kirk is the reason the Vikings will make it to the 2021-2022 playoffs. The Vikings present a true threat in the NFC North, and I believe they will beat a broken down Packer defense for the top position in the division. The Aaron Rodgers – Davante Adams duo will present the most intimidating threat to the division, but Captain Kirk and the boys will stay strong on both sides of the ball to earn their position in the fight for the Lombardi Trophy.