What Students think of the Spring Jam Lineup

Charlie Eggers, Contributor

It feels like an eternity since the last spring jam happened. It’s been nearly 4 years and the only people still at the University who were able to see the last one are graduating this year! Additionally, the artists that the University of Minnesota brought in were well established and had popular songs at one time or reached the general student population in the past. Back in 2019, the University gifted the students with having the headliner be Waka Flocka Flame with their traditional spring jam concert. Not only did they bring in one well-known artist, but the University of Minnesota also brought in Mason Ramsey who everyone knew as the “Yodel Kid from Walmart.” Even though everyone may have not personally liked the artist, it gave variety and ensured everyone would have a good time to end the school year.

Looking back on past years and hearing the artist that spring jam had during the history of the concert, everyone had very high expectations. Everyone thought the University of Minnesota was going to gift the students after going through a tough few years. Freshman Josh Post had this to say about the concert.  “I heard in the past that the artist used to be crazy and we were expecting it to be the same for this year too.” This was the common consensus among University students. They didn’t really care about what genre it was they just wanted to have someone big come in and play for just the University Students like in past years. Just last week, eager students finally got to see the lineup they have been eagerly waiting for for years. 

After seeing the headliner of TwinSick, many students were disappointed. Most were expecting someone really big to come in to perform, but to their dismay, they will have to settle for more subtle artists. TwinSick is not a bad music group by all means, but the fact they were chosen as the headliner for an event that once had Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Yachty, A$AP Ferg, and Lizzo, is insane. Students wasted no time expressing their disappointment, which mixed with lots of frustration at the University. Many people were asking the student union’s Instagram account if they were joking about the lineup. People also commented about how they are not going and the University would be better off by canceling the concert and saving their money. 

The concert was also the main talk on a student used app called Yik Yak, where students post thoughts anonymously within the radius of campus. Many were joking about how a fraternity could get a larger and better-known artist than a major university for a concert. Others voiced their frustration of not being heard and the university not listening to what the students want. 

One of the reasons for the downsizing of artists for spring jam was that the University wanted to make spring jam free for all university students and 15 dollars for non-students. In previous years there was an admission fee for all students, so they could afford to get a larger artist, but no one knows why the university decided to make spring jam free this year.

Students are not happy with the artists that the University of Minnesota chose. It would be reasonable to say that the overall attendance of the concert will not be what it has been in the past. People want an artist with catchy songs that people know and can sing along to. With the current headliner, it’s hard to get interested in a group with very few hit songs. 

All the other activities are very similar to what it was in past years such as various fair-type games and rides. People will still have a great time and enjoy the last weekend of their school year, but the overall idea to see what we got in the past to what we got now is just a little disappointing from a student perspective.