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Coffman’s Not Much of a Student Center – It’s Time to Fix It

Ty Cimaglio, Contributor January 25, 2023

The last time Coffman Memorial Union was renovated, you could get a gallon of gas for $1.22, walk to your airport gate without a boarding pass or ID minutes before takeoff, Tom Brady was preparing...

Renovating the University of Minnesota

Ty Cimaglio, Contributor December 7, 2022

Recently, I took a look at some of the oldest buildings on campus here at the University of Minnesota and found some surprising facts from their pasts. I’ve also done a dive into much of the construction...

The U’s Oldest Buildings and Their Surprising Pasts

Ty Cimaglio, Contributor November 16, 2022

With the University of Minnesota being founded in 1851, there’s bound to be some old buildings around campus. With this article, I hope to point you history fans towards the oldest buildings on campus...

House of the Dragon vs. Rings of Power: Who Won?

Ty Cimaglio, Contributor November 2, 2022

For fans of the fantasy genre, this Fall season has been one of the most exciting in recent memory. Not only did we get a prequel series to arguably the most beloved fantasy series of all time in Game...

Charlie Puth Finds His Voice On “CHARLIE”

Ty Cimaglio, Contributor October 19, 2022

With his new album CHARLIE, Charlie Puth opens up about his experiences in the social-media driven dating world as a millenial man. It’s his first album in four years, since 2018’s Grammy-nominated...

Hurricane Season Rears It’s Ugly Head

Ty Cimaglio, Contributor October 5, 2022

Hurricane Ian has officially run its course throughout much of Florida, as well as North and South Carolina. Ian made landfall just north of Sanibel Island in Port Charlotte, Florida, clocking in as a...

Is All the Dinkytown Construction Worth It?

Ty Cimaglio, Contributor September 21, 2022

I can barely remember a time when Dinkytown wasn’t buried beneath a sea of construction sounds and debris. It was the first semester of my freshman year. Opportunity was ripe and with the ability to...

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