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Minnesotas Response to the Opioid Crisis: Successes and Challenges

Minnesota’s Response to the Opioid Crisis: Successes and Challenges

Will Sherry, Contributor March 29, 2023

The opioid crisis has been a major public health issue in the United States for over a decade, and Minnesota has not been immune to its devastating effects. Opioid addiction and overdose deaths have been...

University of Minnesota: A Complete Return To Class

University of Minnesota: A Complete Return To Class

Murphy Eggers, Contributor September 21, 2022

Over the past few years, the University of Minnesota has been an absolute ghost town with COVID-19 halting in-person classes. What was initially thought to be a two-week extension of spring break turned...

Semi Transparent Viruses

New U of M Study Finds Breakthrough in Fighting COVID

Charlie Rapheal, Editor April 7, 2022

A recent study done by the University of Minnesota (U of M) found that college classrooms are actually the most likely and dangerous places to catch COVID-19. The study stated that the overwhelming majority...

Masks no more: Exiting the tunnel

Masks no more: Exiting the tunnel

Luke Rexing, Contributer March 24, 2022

The mask mandate has been updated at the University of Minnesota, with a lift on the ban in certain buildings. The face coverings are no longer needed in all residence halls, dining hall areas, or at sporting...

The Canadian Freedom Convoy

The Canadian “Freedom Convoy”

Nakul Suresh, Contributor February 7, 2022

The pandemic is so toxic, it even riles up our nice neighbors up north. Recently, thousands of Canadian truckers, calling themselves the “Freedom Convoy”, have been fiercely protesting pandemic measures....

UMN Student BurnOut

UMN Student BurnOut

Arthur Graham, Contributor December 16, 2021

When looking at how universities across the nation had to deal with COVID and having students in school, there were only so many ways to deal with trying to provide students with adequate learning opportunities....

Cuomos Catastrophic COVID Response (Finally) Addressed

Cuomos’ Catastrophic COVID Response (Finally) Addressed

Avery Heinen, Contributor February 25, 2021

About a year ago one of the only things you would hear on the news was ‘flatten the curve’. There was an accompanying graphic showing the rate of COVID-19 transmission. The ‘good curve’ was the...

Bidens $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan: What Does It Entail?

Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan: What Does It Entail?

Will Sherry, Contributor January 29, 2021

As our 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, settles into office, one of his first orders of business is a new $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. This stimulus plan called the “American...

A glance at the first 72 hours in the Oval Office

A glance at the first 72 hours in the Oval Office

Max Fagan, Contributor January 28, 2021

As President Biden is the new face of America, the world is watching his every move to see what he has in store for not just his first one hundred days, but the next four years. It’s hard to look at...

Current COVID-19 procedures are making it difficult for local gyms to not only stay open, but stay on top of reluctant anti-mask patrons. Once a place of gathering, now a place of robotic, socially distant, nervous energy. As staff desperately try to keep patrons in line, discarded masks and advisory signs now litter gym floors. Gym member Ming Dao says, “I would use the cardio equipment if I did not have to wear a mask, I hate it. Nobody uses the treadmills anymore so they won’t faint. I am tired of having staff remind me.”

Gyms during COVID-19: an employee’s perspective

Tiana Meador, Editor in Chief January 25, 2021

You may be wondering: what does the gym look like nowadays? If you are not a gym-goer, then this may be a curiosity of yours, otherwise – those who do go, know the regulations are not only hard to maintain,...

International students in America

International students in America

Jack Radomski, Contributor December 9, 2020

The number of new international students enrolling in American schools is dropping. The drop in enrollment for international students has happened over the past few years but worsened significantly starting...

Microsoft and Sony release Next-Gen consoles

Microsoft and Sony release Next-Gen consoles

Jacob Gregor, Contributor November 19, 2020

With the holiday season approaching very quickly, a brand new group of next generation consoles have been released to the public. Microsoft released their new Xbox Series X on November 10th. Sony released...

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