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Waiver wire watch: gone with the Lind-say

Waiver wire watch: gone with the Lind-say
October 16, 2020

Week five of the NFL season was one full of surprise performances from a few players maybe you haven't heard of unless you are an NFL analyst or a very unfortunate fantasy football player. Either way,...

Waiver wire watch: it’s time for reinforcements

Waiver wire watch: it's time for reinforcements
October 7, 2020

With the NFL now charging into week five full speed ahead, injuries and wear and tear have no been kind to our football stars with the likes of Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Michael Thomas, Julio...

Players that will win you your fantasy football championship

Courtesy of Creative Commons
December 13, 2019

Going into the final weeks of the NFL and fantasy football season, it is either a time of hope or absolute despair for fantasy football players. For every 11-2 fantasy team, there is always the 2-11 team...

Fantasy football: the players to target next year

Fantasy football: the players to target next year
November 1, 2019

As September ran down and the Patriots ran away with the AFC (again), there were a few new names mixing in with the fantasy footballers discussed in last month’s issue. These are the types of guys getting...

Fantasy footballas of September

Fantasy footballas of September
October 1, 2019

Fantasy football takes center stage in the month of September, and there’s no doubt we have some players taking their game to the next level this season. There are three main categories of players...

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